This counselling service is confidential. This means that what you say stays between you and me. It also means that if you contact me by phone or email I will be the only on who deals with your enquiry. If someone contacts me to ask if you are in counselling I will tell them that I do not give out information. There are a few instances where confidentiality may need to be broken. I would always talk to a client before breaking confidentiality. If the client is at risk of suicide or serious self harm I would need to take this information further - usually by contacting their GP.

Do I have to know what’s wrong?

Some people come to counselling with a definite idea of what they would like to talk about and know what problems are standing in their way. Some people come because their GP has suggested that counselling might help.

A lot of people come because they are feeling unhappy in some way but are not sure why. I will help you gently unpick what is going on in your life and try to help you find a way out.


What does counselling feel like?

Unlike some of the media portrayal of psychotherapy and counselling, what I do is very down to earth. You will be sitting in a chair, not lying on the couch, and I do not record endless notes of what you say.

Often people feel a bit nervous of coming to counselling, particularly if it is the first time you have talked about your problems. I will try to make you feel comfortable about talking and to go at a pace that suits you.


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